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Children are constantly learning, right from birth. Their early years are the foundation for growth and development, and what they learn during those years depends on the experiences they have each and every day. This is our greatest challenge as caregivers, as well as our greatest opportunity.

How can parents, grandparents, and caregivers support learning? Since children learn in a variety of ways and styles, to achieve developmental milestones the relationship with parents and primary caregivers is essential. It's a connection that allows for optimum learning.

The relationship you establish with the children in your care is key to early learning. For guidelines on what you can do to connect, read the 5 Steps to a Happier Baby: the Key to Early Learning. Download the Spanish version.

Below, you will find several items with great information for parents and caregivers. These documents are available in English and Spanish.

Parenting Tips

5 Key Ideas for Parents: English | Spanish
Are you Baby Smart?: English | Spanish
Your Child @

Additional Parenting Resources

How does play encourage literacy?
Positive Behavior
Family Stories

Fun Activities for You and Your Child

Fun Games with Songs: English | Spanish
KidBasics: English | Spanish
Making Reading Fun: English | Spanish
The Playbook: English | Spanish

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