Learning on the Go

There are opportunities for learning everywhere! Turn every day activities into valuable learning experiences with these tips:

  • Be curious about your own learning and about how your child learns. Parents and caregivers who are truly engaged and excited about learning are more likely to have children who do the same.
  • Have fun! Children and adults learn best when they are connected to others, when they're learning about something they want or need to know, and when they're having fun. So don't make learning in everyday moments a chore, or something to strike off of your to-do list to give your child the best early start. Instead, make it something that you enjoy. The gift of joy in lifelong learning is a very important give you can give your children.

At Home

You can turn everyday household chores and activities into fun learning games for your child, no matter how young she or he is. Learn more about opportunities for learning at home.


    Are we there yet? Turn that trip or errand into a simple, fun learning game that helps your child make sense of the world around him. Learn more about opportunities for learning when traveling.

    In Public Places

    Errands can equal education. Your everyday outing or errand can be a chance to connect with your child and encourage her early learning. Learn more about opportunities for learning in public places.

    These tips were developed for Born Learning by Mind in the Making, a project of the Families and Work Institute and New Screen Concepts.

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