Health & Nutrition

It's well known that children learn best when they receive good healthcare, nutrition, and plenty of sleep. This means visiting your doctor regularly for visits, getting plenty of sleep, and eating well in order to maximize their learning activities. Here are some tips to help your child grow up healthy.


We all want children to grow up healthy and strong, but illnesses are inevitable along the way. Here are several things you can do to promote a child's good health:


You are what you eat. There's no doubt that your child's health is directly related to what he eats. Children need high nutrient foods to fuel their bodies and brain. Unhealthy foods such as burgers, fries, chips, and soda are full of calories and don't offer the nutrients a child needs for healthy growth. Here are some meal ideas for young children to help you get started.


Healthy sleep provides brainpower and fuels a child's growth and development. It enables the mind to stay alert, increasing a child's ability to learn, concentrate and adapt to new situations. There are times during the day and night when a child's brain will become less alert. These are the best times for a child to be soothed to sleep. Learn more about establishing good sleep habits:

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