As grandparents, you can have a tremendous influence in the lives of your grandchildren simply by staying involved. There are so many creative ways to play a meaningful role and have a positive impact on their development:

  • Nurture Them. Offer them your time and undivided attention whenever possible.
  • Play and Interact with Them. Keep up with their interests and engage them in activities they enjoy.
  • Share Family History and Culture. Tell them about life when you were young, family traditions, and religion.
  • Support Them in Times of Stress. When times are tense  either due to divorce, a move, or a new baby, make sure you spend time with them, as they need you more than ever.
  • Nourish Self-esteem. Show interest in and praise their work and play.
  • Adapt Your Role. Be flexible to meet the family's changing needs and interests.

Talk with the child's parents about the role you want to play in the child's life, and remember to respect their choices and decisions. The relationship you build with your grandchildren now will benefit them  and bring joy to you  for years to come.

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