Recently, the role of dads in the lives of their children has become a hot topic in our society. All of this attention raises an important question: what impact does an involved father have on a child?

Consider this:

Children with fathers who are involved in their lives tend to:

  • Develop more self-confidence
  • Be better problem-solvers

There's no doubt that fathers and mothers interact with children differently and each have unique and important roles in a child's life. If a father is not part of a child's life, a mother can involve other men, such as her father, brother, or any other male to whom she is very close with to help fill the void.

To get involved, dads can:

  • Define Your Role. There are plenty of opportunities for hands-on dads as playmates, diaper changers, bathers, and soothers. The key is to play, touch, and talk with a baby as much as possible.
  • Create Your Own Rituals. Turn activities like running weekend errands into regular routines for father and child. Although they may seem mundane, simply having consistent one-on-one time will make the activity special.
  • Take on Responsibilities. A dad can pick up his child from childcare, help him get dressed in the morning, prepare his meals, and take him to the doctor. Directly caring for a child will make dads feel good about themselves and their fathering skills.
  • Try to Balance Work and Family. While being involved is critical, be careful not to overdo it. Dads should have some time for themselves to that they can refuel and have something to offer their child. 
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